Idade: 21 anos
Adora tecnologia

Yerik K.

Yerik K.

Hello 👋🏼 I am Yerik. I'm a developer with experience in games, web, mobile and desktop Apps. Here are my projects and experiences

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Experience and Achivements

In the Computer Science and other related fields


  • 🏆   WWDC24 Swift Student Challenge Winner
  • 🏆   WWDC23 Swift Student Challenge Winner
  • 🏅5th Place Global Game Jam 2022 - PUCPR Site

Professional Experience

  • Sumersoft (2022 - Current)
  • Freelance
  • 3D Products manufacture

Academic Experience

  • Apple Developer Academy
    - 2023-2024
  • Bachelor's in Computer Science
    - PUCPR 2020-2023
  • Optimization of Avaliation Metrics for Adaptive Recommendation Systems
    - PIBIC 2021
  • Improving speed for Data Stream Mining Algorithms with GPUs
    - PIBIC 2021


An overall look at which technologies I can work with


Experience developing, releasing, updating and managing SwiftUI Applications


Experience with development for IIS websites, focused on financial web applications


Experience with serverless and also full NodeJS web servers with Express


Experience developing and optimizing Machine Learning algorithms and avaliation metrics


Experience with embed software development, specifically ESP32 chips. This includes memory limited scenarios and execution of machine learning models


Experience with developing performant native binaries, for instance my Chess Engine with rating 1500


Experience with development of SPAs and interactable web pages


Experience with creating and managing containers for various services


Experience with creating and managing CI/CD pipelines for automatic build, test and deploy


Experience with development of Spring apps and also algorithms and data structures


Products which I have worked on

Tortas do Mundo

Development of the web page and the development of an iOS app to automate common daily tasks. Development of a QRCode as a service application

Fênix - Casa de Fermentação

Development of a web page to centralize social network URLs

Resista Climbing

Development and manufacturing of 3D printed products for climbers


iOS App that allow users to maintain a curated list of Restaurants and Bars they have been to or want to visit

LoL Buidle

iOS Puzzle Game based on League of Legends Items


An iOS App that finds the best day to do laundry based on your local weather


My software projects, finished or in development


Hubbie was developed from the ground up to assists creative workers managing their orders and requests from clients. Featuring an order tracker, various filters to achieve the perfect “to do” view and controll your creative workflow.

Meu Orçamento

Meu orçamento is a budgeting App, it's goal is to be quick and easy to use daily.

eXtreme Go Chess

Complete chess engine developed in about 3 weeks. It allows the user to play with either black or white pieces. It's rating is about 1500.


Virtual Processor

Virtual Processor is a 16 bit CPU emulator. Made in Java, this CPU supports programs written with RiSC-16 Assembly and support custom instruction sets.